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Bakery Fresh

Fresh Baked Goods
Our number one goal is to provide nutritious and delicious treats for dogs. We make and bake all our fresh treats in the store kitchen to ensure their freshness. Adding only human grade ingredients, with no additives, preservatives or artificial colorings or flavors. On many days the aroma of baking cinnamon, peanut butter and dried fruit welcomes you through the door. Fresh baked goods are maintained in our display case to allow viewing and selection. We maintain a large variety of choices including different sizes, flavors and textures. Items can be purchased individually, by the bakers dozen or prepackaged:

Goodies on the Softer Side
These treats are baked to a soft moist texture.             Enjoyed by all pups and good for senior dogs and        those experiencing dental issues:

  • Bowser Brownies
  • Cheese Hound Rounds
  • Blueberry Mutt Muffins
  • Personal Pup Pizzas
  • Pineapple Hula Paws
  • Ruff Krispy Treats

"Coopers Mix it up Bin"

Purchase a little or a lot, sold by the pound. A variety of flavors and sizes:                                                  

  • Cheesy Howlers
  • Banana Scotti Biscotti
  • Great Dane Danish
  • Veggie Barks
  • Sweet Pawtato Chips
  • Peanut Butter Pinschers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Lickity Crunch Munchers
Baked crunchy for a great taste. The perfect treat for toys and keeping those teeth healthy and white:

  • Peanut Butter Pups
  • Snicker Poodles
  • Funfetti Bones
  • Slobber Smores
  • Berry Beagle Scones
  • Tuna Puffs
  • Salmon Waggers
  • Nicholas Nibble Bones (our signature treat)

River Dog Nibbles: A customer favorite                            Our gingerbread biscuit for all occasions   

  • Ginger and Cinnamon
  • Garlic and Beef Base
  • Tennessee Sorghum

Celebration Cakes: Customized with name                           Banana Cake.................$18.00 
          Carob Brownie Cake..... $10.00                             

                     "Fido Freeze"
                                            Frozen yogurt snack ~ for a more than cool treat

We are constantly updating and creating new recipes, to keep our "pup patrons" excited and satisfied. Please don't hesitate to tell us about any special needs your pup may have........ we may be able to help.

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